ENGL 105: Writing at the Research University, Fall 2020

ENGL 105, Sec 079 and 091, Fall 2020, UNC-CH

This past fall, I taught two sections of ENGL 105: Writing at the Research University. Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, both sections were taught as remote, synchronous courses.

The students performed admirably and created important and historical work as they explored writing and research across a variety of disciplines, genres, and media (including ethnographic studies of people’s use of public spaces during a pandemic).

To see their work (and their weekly reflections from the class), visit the course website.

Published by Paul E. Blom

Paul E. Blom is a Teaching Fellow and doctoral student in English literature at UNC-Chapel Hill, a creative writer, copy editor, writing tutor and instructor as well as a published scholar, researcher, and presenter. His area of concentration is American literature from 1865 to the present and its intersections with literary trauma studies.

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