Paul E. Blom (he/him) is a Teaching Fellow and doctoral student in English literature at UNC-Chapel Hill, a creative writer, copy editor, writing tutor and instructor as well as a published scholar, researcher, and presenter. His area of concentration is American literature from 1865 to the present and its intersections with health humanities and literary trauma studies.

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20th-Century Am. Lit.

I explore the breadth of American literature from across the twentieth century. Most (but not all) of these texts contain content, contexts, or themes that overlap with my interest in health humanities and/or trauma studies. These texts include content related to healthcare, embodiment, military combat, violence, racial trauma, and gender-based trauma, topics which are vital for any discussion of twentieth-century American literature and which connect with my larger scholarly interests and goals…  

Health Humanities

Because my primary literary interest concerns issues of embodiment, I focus on foundational texts in the field of health humanities alongside other related texts that explore issues of disability, pain, suffering, and empathy. These texts also concern the intersection of health with race, gender, and class, illuminating the complexities of health and embodiment as well as encompassing themes vital to any exploration of twentieth-century American literature…


Trauma Studies

One of my core questions is: What is at stake when we represent psychological trauma (the original traumatic event and its lingering repercussions for the perpetrator and survivor) in literature and other media? How do we depict and discuss these events and their effects (both immediate and lingering)? How do we depict and discuss the perpetrators and the survivors of such events? What are the ethical and political implications in these depictions?…


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I’ve enjoyed several opportunities to get involved with my campus community and the surrounding community and to be of service to my field and profession.

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